Mahwah High Frequency Facility

Yet another massive Program Robot facility being built in Mahwah, NY for the high-frequency gamers.  No doubt, filled with billions of dollars of supercomputers, huge boiler rooms staffed full of fast reflex teenage gamers, being supervised by 5'10" bikini-clad fembots wielding horsewhips to make sure the kids keep up with the computers.

From today's WSJ:

The NYSE started taking orders for space in the nearly 400,000-square-foot Mahwah facility, internally dubbed Project Alpha, this month. The exchange expects to attract everyone from large Wall Street banks to traditional brokerages and hedge funds.

Right now, the mammoth facility being constructed on the site of an old quarry is a largely empty shell with a jumble of high-tech gear. In about a year, the building is expected to house several football fields of cutting-edge computing equipment for hedge funds and other firms that engage in high-frequency trading, or the use of computers and complex algorithms to trade at lightning speed.

The installation of such a complex is likely to be akin to Jim Fowler on "Wild Kingdom" being dropped into the savannah to inject a herd of wildebeasts with steriods and caffeine, then getting back into his helicopter to fly around and spook the herd with a General Electric locomotive air horn.

Evidence of that seen today, when the herd sold oil short yesterday, only to reverse course and go long today.

Some unbelievable moves today.

Check out GMCR, shorted on the miss last night and then run straight up off the open to make new record highs.

More assorted junkers were blasting off today, like WYNN, after that issue was upgraded by several Chop Houses.

And then there was Brunswick (BC), heatmapped up over 30%, apparently boosted by hope that millions of unemployed men will rush out and buy a power boat this summer.

Now listening to Erin "B-Cups" Burnett, Cramer, Pisani, etc. glowing about today's rally.  Erin is wearing a red silk blouse today, again with buttons beckoning to be undone after the bell during the post-bell rally party.

I can imagine "Fast Money" tonight.  No doubt, the yelling and shouting will approach decibel levels rivaling the Superbowl played inside the Orange Bowl with Michael Vick vs. Brett Favre.