Marc Faber: "I Buy Gold, I Don't Know What Else To Buy"

Another fantastic interview and some typically outspoken observations from everyone's favorite Doom and Gloomer:"I think that governments have become like a cancer, they have expanded in the financial system...The biggest problem is too much intervention. Whatever the government touches is usually done worse than in the private sector. I think any government intervention has unintended consequences and is negative. Eventually the market will break the intervention and things will blow out...People who tell me about the big deflation in Japan, why don't they spend a day in Tokyo? It's still the most expensive city in the world. At this level I'm not particularly interested in buying anything. I buy gold, I don't know what else to buy." Faber expects another worse crisis to happen in five to ten years, "when the whole financial system collapses" - the reason: the debt problem has been kicked down the road without actually being sold. "I think US Fed, ECB and other central banks have no other option, they will continue to monetize and buy bad paper, period. The central bankers are precisely the ones that don't know that excessive money creation and excessive debt creation leads to a crisis down the road. The ECB will talk hawkishly, but act dovish, like the Fed in the US." Must watch 20 minutes.

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