Martin Armstrong teases "How America Will Collapse in the Blink of an Eye"

America's phavorite political prisoner is back again, From the Hole.  Teasing but a glimpse into his upcoming book, Martin Armstrong presents three handwritten pages so torrid that they burn America in effigy.  We're talking premo 'Philos Gone Wild' material here.


Between telling the US to Guy Fawkes itself 8.6 different ways, Armstrong presents an adamantium-proof case for the end of Pax Americana and the ascension of China.  In the interim, trading thumbs up are given to ~ China, Australia, gold, the Continuous Commodity Index (CCI, $CIY), gold stocks & mining in $AUD compared to $US, "a sort of collective unconscious", the Ten Commandments, and exactly one member of Congress.



 On China's ascension and Yuan appreciation:

" What took 140 years for the emerging market in America to displace Europe, China will do in 26 years [~] 1989 - 2015, will displace American Economic power.  The Yuan is undervalued since paper currency is merely a share in the nation just as in a corporation.  As the $ rose in 1929 - 1932, the Yuan will rise during any economic decline.  Investing in China packs capital gains + eventually currency appreciation.  [T]he Yuan would rise during sovereign defaults as [a] currency hedge.  Welcome to the Decline & Fall of America where stocks, interest rates & gold can rise together. "


Sovereign debt:

" Don't forget, the next meltdown is DEBT, which runs at least 10:1.  So it will be sovereign debt that will be the next financial meltdown. "


Aussie Dollar, ASX, China again and gold:

" Australia looks poised to benefit from the shift in power from US to China.  As China rises, Australia is closer to the flame & it has natural resources & gold.  Gold stocks & mining look good in A$ compared to US$. "



" I loved my country.  But has it has abandoned everything. "


" We must realize that the majority in power know not what they are doing.  Nor do they have any intent of acting before a crisis to prevent it.  That is the nature of the beast.  I will soon be finished with a book I have been writing from the hole as I am forced to sleep on the floor - "How America will Collapse in the Blink of an Eye", which is illustrating not merely the collapse of Rome, but how you woke up one day and China as well as Russia collapsed overnight.  I am showing the mechanism & how to survive it. "


" the letter I received from one of the good guys on Capital hill said it as it is.  'Realistically the chances of you getting a broader audience for your views here in congress PRIOR to the next severe economic dislocation are very slim.'"




Martin Armstrong - From the Hole 1

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