Meet The 15 Institutional Investors That Matter The Most To Morgan Stanley

(no, there won't be a slideshow).

The following presentation from November 2009 highlights the top 15 institutional investors that matter more than anyone to Morgan Stanley: essentially the execution and head PM guys who throw MS orders of $100 million and above (all the way to $1 billion and higher). Among the companies listed are BlackRock, Capital Group, Fidelity, Gartmore, GIC, Norges Bank, Wellington, Eton Park, Jabre Capital, James Caird, Meditor, Moore, Och Ziff, and, of course, Paulson. As for the trader envy (as in my G-V is bigger than your Dassault), here are some names to remember Greg Bennett, Nigel Bolton, Philippe Jabre, John Paulson (duh), Greg Coffey and Julian Rifat. Oh wait, did we say Julian Rifat, the same guy that just got busted in the biggest UK insider trading scandal? Hmm: looks like Morgan Stanley sure has an eye for talent. We can't wait to see the metal detectors at Morgan Stanley's Christmas party, as clients demand a bug-free environment. Also, if you didn't make the list - don't despair. Just make sure you front run about $10 billion worth of orders in 2010 and you are golden.


As for the order sizes we are taking about (cause for Morgan Stanley size sure matters), without further ado (and by the way: Och Ziff and Perry - only $100-200MM? Come on, time to step up here... Ben pays his favorite sellside research analysts more on an hourly basis to tell the idiot public that financials are going to quadruple over the next 3 months).

Full presentation

Via Bloomberg