Meet Danielle And Jim Plus 9 Part 2 - This Time Squatting On The Ratigan Show

Today's media sensation (and future leaders of some symbolic resistance) - the Earls, who after falling behind on their $880,000 loan, inspired by recent events, decided to take matters into their own hands (and the hands of their 9 children) and broke back into their foreclosed house. The police in local Simi Valley, made famous previously by such cult deadbeat classics as the Big Lebowsky, were so stumped by this they had no idea what the hell is going on so they just watched... Which seems to also be the general response of most of America. Today, the Earls appeared on the Ratigan show to present their side of the story. Gotta love the lawyer who cuts to the chase when he says that the banks aren't really owed the $880K noted above, "they are owed zero." Next up: everyone in America who has debt (and that would mean about 300 million people) decides to follow this advice, and "realizes" they don't actually owe any money to the bank. Problem solved.

So without further ado: