Meet The Man Who Live-Tweeted The bin Laden Operation Unknowingly

Who says there is nothing of value on Twitter. Anyone who was following Sohaib Athar's tweet yesterday would have a front row seat into a historic move that caused futures to surge, and various commodities to plunge (even if only temporarily). From the WaPo: "According to his Twitter stream @reallyvirtual, Sohaib Athar moved from Lahore, Pakistan to the resort town of Abbottabad to take a break from the rat race. It seems he didn’t move far enough. On Sunday, Athar found himself smack in the center of one of the year’s biggest news events. A 33-year-old IT consultant, Athar was on Twitter when the sound of a helicopter flying overhead drove him to write a series of frustrated notes. Over the next few hours, he compiled rumors and observations about an event that would soon have the world riveted: Athar tweeted the secret operation that killed Osama bin Laden. “I am just a Tweeter, a guy awake at the time of the crash,” he wrote after the world noticed he had a front seat to history and inundated him with questions and messages. Here’s the story from Athar’s point of view:

And for the genetic researchers out there: If bin Laden op started about 18 hours ago, and Barack had "genetic" evidence that the corpse was OBL about 12 hours ago, does that mean that the admin has found some way to turbocharge Polymerase Chain Reactions and get definitive answers in a fraction of the time it normally takes for a genetic test?