Member Of Greek Parliament Assaulted By Angry Mob For Flip-Flopping On Austerity Vote

When two weeks ago we wrote about a (short-lived) mutiny within Pasok, we noted the name of one Aleksos Athanasiadis, who had decided (briefly) to vote with his conscience and against his ruling party (and proxy for European banking interests) against the austerity measures. Another mutineer MP we cited, was Giorgos Lianis, who had declared his intention to leave politics in order to be able to safely "walk the streets" and not vote for the austerity. He stuck to his word. As was discovered yesterday, Athanasiadis subsequently recanted and backtracked on his promise to vote with the people. Alas, he should have listened to his buddy Lianis. As Reuters reports, Athanasiadis was attacked shortly following the austerity vote which, among other things, passed with his blessing. Ironically, he was walking the street. This time he got away. But something tells us Greeks never forget. And the one thing they hate more than being a slave to the central banking cartel, is being a slave to the central banking cartel and a traitor.

From Reuters:

Greek protesters hurled projectiles at a ruling party lawmaker outside parliament on Wednesday after he backtracked and voted in favour of austerity measures.

A group of around 20 demonstrators threw bottles and a chair at PASOK deputy Alexandros Athanasiadis as he was escorted by five policemen after leaving the parliament building following a vote which approved the unpopular austerity law.

TV images showed him holding his ear but police sources said he was not injured in the attack.

Indicatively, back in America, this guy would become a career politician for life courtesy of an idiot electorate.

h/t Alexis


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