From Merely Ridiculous To Outright Ludicrous - Greek Bond Curve Update

Look up the word ludicrous in the dictionary and you may just get a picture of the Greek bond curve. The 2 Year spread has exploded by over 400 bps just today, and is now back to 14% - the market is now convinced that even with €110 of additional money the country is done for in just over one year. The problem, as we pointed out earlier, is that the IMF can not appeal for greater assistance without appearing totally clueless (which it is), while any additional funding requests will may finally provoke the US taxpayers into recognizing they are being fleeced to save a country 5 thousand miles away. As the attached curve indicates, the bond vigilantes still think that Greece could remain solvent for about 1 year, however with the rate of widening, we expect the 1 year point on the curve to defy gravity quite shortly.


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