Michael Pento Lays The Smack Down On The Administration's Favorite Talking Head

It is not a good day for Steve Liesman. First the market dropped after what everyone at propaganda central thought would make the crew at the soon to be Comcast subsidiary wear their "Dow 10,000 (not adjusted for dollar devaluation)" hat courtesy of yet more massaged Case-Shiller data. But then Tim Geithner's favorite mouthpiece made the horrible mistake of engaging in a factually-backed and reasoned debate with Michael Pento. Alas, unlike the traditional monologues in which Mr. Liesman excels in dogmatic and reasonless argumentation, when facts are needed to justify claims, propaganda houses of cards tend to collapse with a bang, not a whimper. The same happened earlier today when Liesman proved to his producer what an epic fail it is to engage GE cheerleader #1 in anything more than monologues for the conceivable future.

Full highly entertaining clip below.