The Most Recent Recipient Of Obama's Middle Class-Funded Generosity: Key Largo's Ocean Reef Club For The Mega Wealthy

A reader submits the following disclosure released by Ocean Reef Club, a country club, which very much unlike America's 35 million food-stamp recipients, has roughly a $35 million net worth cutoff for members, who enjoy such amenities as 100 foot yachts, a private airport, and two golf courses. It is precisely in connection with golf that we see these very needy multi-millionaires follow in Wall Street's footsteps and proceed to redistribute wealth away from those who actually work for their money, to those who merely use the dollar as a temporary (or otherwise) replacement for one-ply Cottonelle.

As a reminder, here is how one gets to become a member of ORC: in short, one doesn't. Just like the Centurion, one is either invited, or not.

On the northern tip of the Florida Keys, sophistication and simplicity live in perfect harmony at Ocean Reef Club. Our members treasure a balance of luxurious lifestyle and uncomplicated pleasures. They enjoy The Reef's exceptional recreation choices, its abundant natural beauty and the opportunities to relax in privacy with family and friends. In equal measure they value what they don't find. Undisturbed by crowds and clamor, this is a peaceful place.

Above all, our members cherish their sense of connection to The Reef. More than a club, this is a community of individuals who share an affinity for the rewarding lifestyle here. Over the decades, Ocean Reef Club has quietly acquired international acclaim for its privacy and pristine nature. The prestigious Robb Report has described it as “one of America's most exclusive club communities.”

To preserve the special nature of The Reef, membership is by invitation only. Invitations are extended to individuals who value a community that rewards their success and satisfies their quest for a rich and meaningful lifestyle.

For further information about Ocean Reef membership, please contact Executive Director of Membership, Michelle Simpson, at or 305.367.5921.

Yet it appears those who value a community that rewards their success and demand a rich and meaningful lifestyle, are just as interested in a lifestyle that is subsidized as much as possible by the US taxpayer. And lest these multi-millionaires actually have to pay to avoid walking on the club's numerous golf clubs, here comes Uncle Obama, dispersing helicopter Ben's worthless pieces of paper. We are certain that Club Car is doubly happy to rape the hundred or so remaining members of America's middle class who have yet to depart America with one way tickets for any other place (doesn't matter where) in the world.

Tax Credit-Eligible Golf Car Approved for Use on ORC Golf Courses

Several weeks ago, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 created an IRS tax credit of #2,500 - $7,500 for those who purchase qualifying electric cars through Dec. 31, 2009.
Until recently, electric cars that qualified for this credit were not eligible for use on Ocean Reef Club's golf courses. However, thanks to a recent approval from the Ocean Reef Club Golf Committee, a specific tax-credit eligible electric car, manufactured by Club Car, has been approved for use on the Dolphin and Hammock Courses.

The approved car, pictured at right, is street legal and eligible for an IRS tax credit when sold with a shatter-proof windshield, head lights, tail lights, windshield wipers and seatbelts. The speed of the cart is about 24-miles-per hour. Additional accessories are also available.

Ocean Reef Club Golf Car Sales & Accessories Manager John Eledge is available to assist members who are interested in purchasing a golf course approved, tax credit eligible car, however, taxpayers' circumstances may vary and purchasers should consult a tax professional to verify the ability to claim all or a part of this credit.

To learn more, call 305-367-6591

From Cash for Clunkers, to Cash for Golf Carts, Obama has all future electoral constituencies covered. And since by 2012 there will be no middle class left, the president has effectively guaranteed himself at least one more term (and possibly many more: we expect Mayor Bloomberg will soon teach the administration a thing or two about such pesky things as "term limits").


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