Muddy Waters Announces It Has Started A Short Position In Spreadtrum (NASDAQ: SPRD)

There was a time when markets looked to pre-discredited titans such as John Paulson new position announcements and surged appropriately on any kind of news. Now, it is small, actually due diligencing outfits, such as Muddy Waters, which move stocks by up to 50% on mere position initiations. To wit, MW has just reported that is has started a short position in Spreadtrum Communications, (SPRD). "Muddy Waters, LLC has begun researching Spreadtrum, Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: SPRD), and we have taken a short position in it. (Please see our disclaimer below.) We have identified a number of issues in SPRD's filings, and we believe that there is a high risk of material misstatement in the reported financials. Our concerns are gravest regarding 2010 and 2011 numbers. The below link is to an open letter we have written to SPRD chairman Li regarding our concerns." Next up: stock implosion.

Complete MW letter:


And while Paulson is not a loser on this one, here is who is:


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