NACA's Bruce Marks Goes Postal At JPM Crony During Yesterday's Fraudclosure Hearing

Possibly the most incendiary moment of yesterday's fraudclosure hearing in which Bank of America and JP Morgan representatives saw no evil and heard no evil, even as Chris Dodd wanted it over so he can buy no evil with the years of accumulated lobby booty from said banks after his long overdue reign of corruption finally ends, was when the CEO of the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, Bruce Marks, realized he has had enough of the endless lies and goes postal at the appropriately named JPM henchman David Lowman, CEO of Chase Home Lending. After Lowman says that "Chase strongly prefers to work with borrowers to reach a solution that lets them keep their homes" Lowman flips out. Watch the hilarious results here. This video is merely a harbinger of what happens when pent up anger at banker lies overflows. Luckily, this time everything ended peacefully, and to the banks' credit, the voice was promptly silenced. Next time, it won't be so easy...


Update: reader Jeff points out that this is not the first time Lowman got humiliated during a hearing. As can be seen on the clip below, after telling Dodd's partner in crime Barney Frank that his response to frustrated borrowers who are bounced around by JPM, is "come to me", he literally gets mobbed by people who "come to him."

We encourage all readers who may have a Chase-related loan to immediately send their query to Mr. Lowman, as per his advice. He can be reached at


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