Net Yen Shorts Surge Even As Euro Shorts Hit Fresh Record, And Cable Sentiment Near Record Negative

The carry trade rout is accelerating, even as the euro keeps hitting new spec short records. After the prior week's (March 23) net short exposure hit a new record of -74,917, net euro shorts hit a new all time record of -85,326. This is occurring even as the cable saw last week's record shorts of -71,624 tighten marginally to just -67,073. Yet the biggest stunner was the whopping collapse in Yen net short positions, which moved from +10,161 to -30,866: the biggest net short in the Japanese currency since 2007. This is happening just in time for the Yen to hit fresh 7 month lows against the dollar, as the Yen is back to being the funding currency for all carry trades. The one currency which is openly being sold by its central bank, the CHF, saw shorts increase by 5.5k from -1,088 to -6.540.





Source: CFTC Commitment of Traders Data