New Close Up Video Of Fukushima Destruction Released, As Black Smoke Prompts Evacuation Of Plant

Tokyo's utility company said on Wednesday that black smoke has been seen emerging from Unit 3 of the crippled nuclear plant in northeastern Japan, prompting a new evacuation of the complex. Officials with Tokyo Electric Power Co. said on Wednesday that workers from the entire Fukushima Dai-ichi plant have been temporarily evacuated. Operators of the power station have been desperately trying to cool the reactors and spent fuel pools at the plant after it was damaged by this month's tsunami, which knocked out power to the cooling systems. Unclear if TEPCO has any other good news straw men up its sleeve post the completion of Operation Power Chord. We still believe a concrete sarcophagus will be the next step.

The update from RIA Novosti

And a fresh close up video of Fukushima courtesy of RT (another Russian news site):