Nigel Farage: Europe Is Becoming An Orwelian Police State, Ruled By Unelectable Madmen, Which May Soon Be Overrun With Violence

Nigel Farage made waves recently when he told the Europarliament the truth about the sad fate of the euro experiment. Obviously, it was not taken too lightly by the career politicians who, just like our own, have made it their life mission to lead a failed economic experiment to its sad end, no matter the social cost and public suffering. Today, Farage made a repeat appearance on King World News continuing with his warning that the one most likely outcome of Europe continuing on its autopilot course will be one the culminates with "violence and extremism." To wit: “Nobody dares to admit that they got this whole thing wrong...Once people realize that who they vote for in general elections has become no more than a charade, then if they want to change things, all they are left with is civil disobedience and violence, and we’re beginning to see this already.  In Greece we are seeing small terrorist style attacks that are taking place on EU buildings that are taking place against EU officials...So what happens if you rob people of their rights is they will turn to violence and they will turn to extremism, and that is why I believe these people to be so dangerous."

And some other choice quotes:

  • "Increasingly people see the EU flag as a sign of imperialism. A modern form of imperialism."
  • "Europe may well surive this time around, but a man named Norman Lamont, said if they surive this crisis, they won't survive the next crisis, because they are being held in contempt by the public.
  • "This whole project, this whole dream, this whole modern marxism, has been imposed upon the people of Europe, without their view being sought, and in the case of France and the Netherlands, when they did give their opinion, they simply ignored them and continued"
  • "We are almost at that junction where unless we can persuade these politicians to give us free and fair referendums so that we can decide our future, then we are heading, I am afraid, for some very, very dark days in Europe."
  • The EU is the "abolition of democracy, and in my opinion it is turning our backs on what all those that went before us did in two devastating world wars, because they fought and died so that we the peoples of Europe could be free people, free from tyrrany, and living in democracy."
  • "Complete madness has overcome the European Union: on the broader point there are those here who do see the European project a staging post to one world government"

Full must hear interview with Nigel Farage where he discusses the encroachment of the European police state, and much more, can be found here

And a brief bio on Farage:

Nigel Farage is a founder member of the UK Independence Party, which was established in September 1993. He is the Member of the European Parliament for the South East region and is the leader of the parliamentary party in the EU parliament.

The central aim of the party is the UK's withdrawal from the European Union and to regain control of this nation's governance through our own Parliament at Westminster.

Nigel was a Conservative activist from his schooldays until the overthrow of Margaret Thatcher; John Major's signing of the Maastricht Treaty brought his membership to an end.