Numerous Rumors Of Imminent BOJ Intervention Drive USDJPY To 15 Year Low

As the USDJPY is currently probing fresh 15 year lows of 84.24, various London desks, Nomura, BNP and UBS are reporting that the last central bank bastion, the BOJ, is about to intervene. This despite Japanese Finance minister Noda earlier making no specific comment on FX intervention, although noting that the government needs to be flexible on policy response. Yet sending a somewhat contrary message, PM Kan said that sudden currency moves are not welcome and is watching the FX market closely. Also, the head of Japan's Rengo union has now called for a G-7 response to the near record JPY: looks like scapegoating the central banks' (transitory lack of intervention) for all economic ills is becoming a pandemic. Reuters is attempting to moderate the story somewhat by pointing out that some in the BOJ feel more evidence needed on damage from a surging JPY before easing policy. Yet the Yen vigilantes are out in full force, with the most recent 90 pip move driven by a push to force the BOJ's hand: at this point the likelihood of a bank intervention before September is material. Watch the Yen crosses for that very indicative V-fib 200 pip move that will signal that the BOJ has officially entered the currency destruction race. Elsewhere, the flight to safety and to bond bubbles continues, as the both the 10 and 30 Year German yields have fallen to fresh record lows of 2.237%and 2.894%, respectively.

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