NY Fed Launches Interactive Maps Of Economic Collapse

The kind folks at the New York Fed have launched a useful service whereby citizens can look at the collapse of the credit economy in real, interactive time as they buy Fannie, Freddie and Citi stock (which at last check had a pro forma market cap higher than Bank of America).

The link for the maps can be found here in case anyone needs ongoing confirmation of the prevlance of red shoots.

At first glance, it seems that delinquent auto loans is where much more red is still due, while the bloodletting in mortgages has reached quite epic proportions and shows no sign of abating.

The charts below demonstrate the year over year deterioration across four key credit verticals:

Auto Loan Delinquency Rate 60 + Days:

Bank Card Delinquency Rate 60 + Days:

Mortgage Delinquency Rate 90 + Days:

Student Loan Delinquency Rate 90 + Days:

For the full interactive charts, don't be shy and check out the Fed's website.


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