NYSE Short Interest Lowest Since January As Selloff Buffer Disappears

Here is another reason why the market may soon undergo Flash Crash 2.0 on purely structural reasons that have nothing to do with the deranged computerization of capital markets - the one natural decelerator to any market collapse, short interest, was just reported by the NYSE to have hit a 7 month low, at 13.7 billion shares. This metric hit a 2010 high of 14.5 billion in the days following the flash crash, when the natural response by investors was to follow through on waht was expected to be a major market swoon. Yet the odd July move higher on no volume which was a direct replica of last year's action cut off this move into shorts early on, and the result now is that the short interest buffer is now gone. Absent the mystery bidder appearing, there will be few "profitable" buyers remaining to prop the imminent market crash. 


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