NYSE VOLD Gets Flushed


S&P 500 E-mini (continuous contract)


Volume today narrowly edged above 4/16's GS-SEC-opex induced tally.

Fibonacci EMAs  ~  pink = 5,  purple = 8,  cyan = 13,  orange = 34,  red = 55



S&P 500 E-mini  ~  1-minute


cyan line = 13 EMA,  red line = 55 EMA,  yellow line = ZMA


ESM10 1-minute


mint™ Super Advance-Decline Lines of US Equity Indexes  ~  1-minute


Coded to plot as percentage based lines in real-time.

DJIA = dark blue,  S&P 500 = cyan,  NYSE = white

NDX = light green,  NASDAQ = dark green

Russell 2K = yellow,  AMEX = orange


mint Super Adv/Dec US 


mint™ Market Internals  ~  1-minute




mint market 


UVOL & DVOL  -  Volume of NYSE Advancing (green) & Declining (red) Issues


Today's DVOL on close narrowly failed to eclipse the nominal high of 4/16, which was GS-SEC-opex induced.

Blue vertical lines mark five instances where UVOL explicitly failed to penetrate a glass ceiling at 1,000,000.


UVOL & DVOL - Volume
 of NYSE Advancing (green) & Declining (red) Issues


VOLD - NYSE Up-Down Volume Differential  ~  15-minute


The difference between Up & Down volume was exceptional today; massive distribution.


Up-Down Volume Differential ~ 15-minute


VOLD - NYSE Up-Down Volume Differential


VOLD broke below 4/16 opex levels and then some today;

registering the single most negative close (-1,621,467) since 3/02/09.


VOLD - NYSE Up-Down Volume 


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