The Obama Recovery Has Finally Succeeded... If You Are A High Frequency Trader

A headhunter firm is either helping GETCO build the 21st century equivalent to the atom bomb, clustering every single HFT trader under one roof for the most destructive group of momo lemmings ever assembled, or the Obama recovery is truly working... for those who know nothing but how to frontrun what remaining traders are left.

From a job search posting on LinkedIn:

We are looking for people with the follow [sic]:

New York:
*High Frequency Trader (FX) - Bank
*High Frequency Trader (ETF) - Bank
*High Frequency Trader (FX) – Hedge Fund
*High Frequency Trader (FX) – Prop Trading Firm
*High frequency trader (Cash Equities) - Bank
*High Frequency Trader (Futures) - Bank
*High Frequency Trader (Futures) – Hedge Fund
*Mid Frequency (Stat-Arb) - Bank
*High Frequency Developer (C++/Unix/KDB)
*High Frequency Developer (C++/Unix/KDB) – Hedge Fund
*Senior CTA Quant Trader - Bank
*Quant Analyst – AMM (Credit) Hedge-Fund
*Quant Researcher – Stat Arb Hedge-fund


*Head of CTA Research – Hedge-Fund
*PhD Macro Quant Researchers - Hedge fund
*Quant Researcher – FX Trade Strategy / TCA – Boston

*High Frequency Developer (C++ &C#) Prop Firm
*High frequency trader (Cash Equities) Prop Firm
*High frequency trader (Energy Trader) Prop Firm
*FPGA Engineer Prop Firm High frequency trader - Prop Firm
*High Frequency Trader (CME Eurodollars, CME 5 yr/10 yr/30 yr Treasury Notes and Bond, Currency) Prop Firm
*Quant Analyst (High Frequency Rates) – Prop Firm
*Quant Analyst (Rates / Micro-structure analyst) – Prop Firm

Hong Kong:
*Mid Frequency – Stat-Arb Asian Equity Trader – Hedge fund
*Mid Frequency – Stat-Arb FX/Futures – Hedge fund

*High Frequency Trader (FX)
*High Frequency Trader (Futures)
*Head of High Frequency Volatility Trading Europe
*Quant Researcher – High Frequency Group – (Oxford)
*Quant Researcher – High Frequency Group – (Cambridge)
*Quant Analyst – AMM (Credit)
*High Frequency Developer (C++/Unix) – Oxford
*High Frequency Developer (Java)
*Junior Quant Analyst (PhD)
*Global Macro / Economics Quant Strategy
*Bayesian Statistics - Quant – Hedge-fund

*Quant Researcher (Stat-Arb) – Austria
*Quant Researcher (Stat-Arb) – Cyprus
*Quant Researcher (CTA) – Austria
*Quant Researcher (CTA) – Cyprus
*High Frequency Trader (Futures) - Switzerland
*High Frequency Trader (FX) - Switzerland

We will not provide the link to the original post. If our HFT readers are actually looking for a job, they are doing something very wrong. Such as being ethical.