On The Ongoing Saga Of Pittman vs Goliath

By now everybody has heard about today's most recent butchering of Obama's farcical campaign promise of transparency, as exhibited by his superior: the Federal Reserve, which replied to a FOIA request submitted by the late Mark Pittman with 560 pages of blacked out lack of disclosure, all of which highly irrelevant, and a typical demonstration of the Fed's modus operandi of criminal opacity. Since there is little we could add to this narrative, we thought long and hard how to most poetically give justice to the ongoing saga between the late Mark and the soon to be late Fed. We couldn't come up with anything profound. So we decided to fall back on the simplicity of truth. And the truth is that in this most recent attempt to foul the memory of a great journalist and greater man, the Fed once again merely digs the grave of its own demise ever deeper. Even from beyond, Pittman reminds us that one simple man can continue to challenge the multi-headed hydra that is the Fed, and win. The truth is that the Fed's response is simply another acknowledgment that it only has lies, deceit, cowardice and secrets to protect it from a hundred years of accumulated crimes against the public of the United States. The truth is that Pittman's memory will live longer and have a far greater impact than that of all the Fed's pathetic chairmen combined, the most recent iteration of whom are finally realizing they are fighting a losing war to preserve their institution, now in its terminal phase, after which their legacy will be at best forgotten, and at worst a sorrowful reminder of what happens when a nation allows itself to fall under the tyranny of a few corrupt and worthless men.

Pittman taught a generation of journalists that contrary to established traditions, there are two ways to cover the comedy of Wall Street. That of the namesdropping parasite, fervently attached to the polyps in the lower digestive tract of banking, where it gladly and blindly will regurgitate whatever tidbits of excremental information are passed its way, in exchange for praise that nobody outside the administrative/mainstream media complex cares for or believes in... And the Pittman way, which is to deconstruct every lie presented by the same complex, to expose its flaws, and to present it openly for all to see. This is the stuff of true journalistic legend. Everything else are venal attempts at fleeting, self-laudatory praise. Pittman never cared for that.

The truth is that if this country had more men that shared Pittman's intellectual prowess, his honesty, his resolve, not to mention his integrity and compassion, and last but not least, his ability to imbibe, we would not be in this sad state of affairs. If only others dared to unmask the ultimately very simplistic web of lies and deceit behind which the Federal Reserve has hid for the past 97 years (always remember: just follow the money), the indignation of the people would have long since reached boiling point. Luckily, Mark's legacy is just that: showing us the way. The way, which does not involve hiding in the comfortable corners of the iniquitous status quo, but shining the light of truth all over it.

Approaching the one year anniversary of Pittman's passage, every consecutive attempt by the Fed to prevent its own ultimate demise appears increasingly more comic yet pathetic, and merely adds more feathers to Pittman's cap, who still is and always will be the first man to take on the Fed and win.

Let the Fed have its secrecy, let it make a mockery of the promises for transparency and accountability, at this point it is largely irrelevant: America has finally realized that the true enemy is not foreign. It is domestic. It sits at the heart of the financial and political nexus of Wall Street and DC, serves as the dynamo for America's corruption, uses lies and deceit as its last defense, and now, thanks to Pittman, we know that it is very scared, and very vulnerable.

Pittman showed the way. It is up to the rest of us to continue his crusade until America removes its home-grown tyrants, and returns to the core precepts of the Constitution as laid out by the founding fathers.


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