The Only Chart You Need To See From Today's Wholesale Inventories: GM Channel Stuffing Goes Auto Industry-Wide

Today we got another confirmation that the only "growth" in the economy comes courtesy of inventory stocking for that eventual day when the economy picks up and inventory can be sold at an actual profit, after wholesale inventories printed at 1.8% on expectations of 0.6%, up from 1.1% previously. We get it: economic growth now comes at the assumption that there will be economic growth in the future, thank you I in the GDP calculation. But the only chart that matters, and in keeping with our observations of pervasive channel stuffing at GM, is the following: the inventory to sales ratio for the car industry, which just surged to 1.62, or a level not seen since the summer of 2009. This is a 16.55% rise in the ratio or the biggest ever relative jump in the auto inventory/sales ratio in history. Translated: nobody is buying already built cars. But yes, keep blaming the collapse in auto "production" on Japan.


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