Open Thread: This Reader Is Not Making Any Payments On Just Under $100,000 Of Credit Card Bills, Are You?

From the mailbag:

Brief update on my lenders' attempts to collect credit card debt. Stopped making all payments over a year ago.

CHASE BANK            $16,000
CITIBANK                 $30,000
DISCOVER                $10,000

Chase Bank has been singularly aggressive, in January filing civil suit represented by Zwicker & Assoc. As to the others, collection company mailings and phone calls have mostly ended, leaving the impression that they are following the Chase case. Not at all surprising, but hopefully informative. Perhaps time for another solicitation of related anecdotes?

Update from the reader:

I failed to indicate that this accumulated over 8 years of underemployment, failed business ventures and living expenses. No vacations, no big toys. Clothes are full of holes. Basically a professional trying to sustain temporarily, based upon excellent credit history and 0% offers, a standard of living that I expected to be able to fully afford again and intended to pay down the debt. Never imagined conditions would not turn around but get so much worse. I can understand the angry posts but this is not a case of deadbeat self-indulgence at others expense.  

So, dear readers, which is it? Are you all dutifully filing taxes, paying off your bills, sending in your monthly mortgage checks and prefunding Goldman's now-quarterly bonus payments? Or have you maxed out your last remaining credit card to buy Kindles (that's a given) and bars of silver? Let us know.