Paging The IMF: Greek Ten Years Just Hit 353.08%

According to the FT, Greek bonds just hit a "slightly" elevated 353.08%.

A 34,914 bps spread to Bunds sounds about in line when you remove all bail out bells and whistles.

We always knew the FT would pull an April Fool's joke. Doing it a day late is just the one little touch of class that yanks sadly lack. Ironically this is a very sad harbinger into the reality of the bond world a few years from now, when countries will need to repay a bond over 3 times per year just to be able to get any funding whatsoever.We expect G-Pap to issue an immediate statement, claiming the speculators behind the Financial Times (we are confident the Telegraph's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard already has a tail by the Greek Secret Service) are hell bent on fomenting a revolution and sinking the Acropolis into the Aegean.

h/t Jim