Pan-European Bank Run Day Starts With A Bang: Bank Of Ireland ATM Systems Fail

As a reminder today is the day when Europeans are supposed to withdraw money from their bank, not necessarily in a beneficial manner. And maybe the action is already having an impact with the Bank of Ireland apparently the first casualty. BBC reports: "Customers of one of Ireland's largest banks have been unable to access their cash accounts through ATMs or online. The Bank of Ireland said it became aware at 1000 GMT on Tuesday that ATMs were not working and customers were unable to make online transactions. A spokesperson said the fault lay with the bank's internal system and engineers were working to restore normal services." And by bank's internal system presumably one meant lack of money...Perhaps Eric Cantona will have the last laugh after all.

We ask our European readers to advise us if they see comparable "internal system" failures at their bank ATMs

h/t Will