Paulson Sells 10% Of BofA Stake, Increases Equity AUM From $23 To $30 Billion, Adds Numerous New Positions

The much anticipated Paulson & Co. 13F is out and there are quite a few changes. First, the total equity AUM has increased from $23 billion to $30 billion. Paulson is now bigger than many mutual funds: "nimble" unwinding should the market ever sell off again sure will be an amusing sight. After all, his top 10 positions, which amount to $16 billion, represented 55% of his entire equity AUM (of 102 names). While there are not many dispositions, most notable is the decline of Paulson's third biggest holding - Bank of America - by 10% from 137.8 million shares to 123.9 million. Also, as Zero Hedge speculated, Paulson reduced his holdings in Citi modestly, from 424 million shares to 413.5 million (it appears he was selling to Tepper). Otherwise the top two holdings, the GLD for the dollar denomination shares, and Anglogold, are still in first and second place. In terms of notable increases, Paulson added 7.9 million shares to his Anadarko stake (conceived in Q3), bringing the total to 21.3 million, making it his 5th largest position. Rounding out the top 10 are Hartford (a small decline), Suntrust (a 5 million share increase), Comcast (flat), Capital One (3 million shares added) and MGM (flat). Buffett fans will be delighted to learn that Paulson added 5 million shares to his Wells position, making it his 11th largest holding at $635 million. Those curious what other additions are in Paulson's portfolio can do so by looking at the green highlighted rows in the table below (also, the rightmost column shows increases in green and declines in red). As for complete dispositions, here is the list: Hewitt Associates, NBTY, Mariner Energy, Mirant, Burger King, General Growth Properties (Ackman will not be pleased), Airgas, Family Dollar, Starwood, Zymogenetics, Potash, Mead Johnson, Boyd Gaming, and Starwood Property Trust.

Full breakdown of holdings as of Dec. 31 (full green row highlight is new position).


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