PBS Hacker LulzSec Takes On Archnemesis FBI, Defaces FBI-Affiliate Website In Protest Against NATO And Obama

Even as the hacker collective known as Operation Empire State Rebellion, which back in March threatened to bring "peaceful revolution to America, and will engage in civil disobedience until Bernanke steps down" and has since largely fallen off the scene, presumably surprised by Bernanke complete of lack fazing, another hacker group, LulzSec, best known for recent hacking into PBS, has just taken the first step toward pissing off none other than its archnemesis the FBI, by defacing and taking control of an FBI affiliate website. From IBTimes: "In an apparent protest against the NATO and Obama administration, the LulzSec group announced the breach of FBI  affiliate website, the Atlanta chapter of Infragard. The group raised claims that they have taken “complete control” over the website and has “defaced it”. They also announced that the data including passwords obtained from infragardatlanta.org would prove useful for them to hack into other FBI affiliates, since a lot of users tend to reuse their passwords even though the practice is generally unappreciated by FBI." So while OP_ESR continues to engage in emptry rhetoric and summons the population to one after another attempt at uprising (Apparently June 14th is the latest D-Day), LulzSec, which is also speculated to be behind the historic ongoing hacks of the various Sony networks, is taking cyber-matters into its own hands. We wonder however whether this escalation of cyberwarfare against the US by the US will necessitate a declaration of war by Obama against the US. Admittedly, that would be a Keynesian wet dream: think of the record boost to GDP if Geithner literally nukes the west and eastern seaboards, only to rebuild them again...

From IBTimes:

In what looks like a silent propaganda, hackers continue to taunt corporations and have now laid their eyes on FBI. If the hackers' threats are valid, even NATO and Obama administration including top officials have got to be extra vigilant. While a large section believes that LulzSec, that hacked into the system of PBS, did so in a bid to show moral support for WikiLeaks, the matter is still under debate since Sony has also been devastated by back to back security breaches by the same group, which doesn’t really fit into the same scheme of things.

The hackers’ next target being FBI has raised considerable amount of uncertainty, as they have been tweeting about it under the tag #FuckFBIFriday. A little while before the Infragard hack, the group had posted a tweet: #FuckFBIFriday in 45 minutes. infragardatlanta.org is suspended following the hack.

The group has announced that an Infragard member offered them money to hack into his competitor’s website and to stay silent about his own database, when they informed him that his personal communication including that through Gmail has been compromised. According to the LulzSec’s claims, the member, Karim Hijazi’s company Unveillance, which specializes in data breaches, has been exposed to extract critical information. The group claimed to have uncovered an operation of US government orchestrated by Unveillance, “to control and assess Libyan cyberspace through malicious means”. The group alleged that “the U.S. government is funding the CSFI to attack Libya's cyber infrastructure”. “We accept your threats, NATO. Game on, losers”, LulzSec wrote in Pastebin.

The group posted a series of tweets mocking FBI, of which one said “we sit and laugh at the FBI. No times decided, but we'll cook up something nice for tonight.” The group has announced that “the hacks and leaks will always continue, even if twitter suspends our account”. FBI is yet to issue a statement regarding the matter.

In the meantime, the website of infraguardatlanta.org continues to be under the control of LulzSec, and in a brilliant example of hacker entrepreneurship, is nothing more than one big adsense ad, which is probably under the control of a LulzSec's adsense account, thus  profiting from everyone who is curious enough to visit the site.