POMO #2 Closes: Stocks Jump As Fed Is Nickels Away From Breaking $1 Trillion In Treasury Holdings

Today's second POMO just closed and the Fed has now purchased a total of just over $14 billion in bonds maturing between 2014-2016 and 2018-2020. Brian Sack has bought another $6.8 billion in bonds, at a Submitted to Accepted ratio of 2.4x, higher than the 2.2x earlier in the day as we expected. The flow proceeds appear to have had the express designation of being used to purchase ES as the second the second [sic] POMO closed, equities ramped up. To those who care, are positioned appropriately in this Madoff-style ponzi, and hope that just like in the Madoff case will not one day be forced to clawback proceeds (under calm and collected conditions or otherwise), our sincerest congratulations. To everyone else, we would like to note that today's 2Pm ramp in stocks comes at the cost of the Fed now being the proud owner of $991 billion in US debt. Tomorrow's two POMOs will likely seal the deal, making the Fed the only institutional holder/hedge fund in the world to own 13 digits worth of US paper.

Breakdown ot today's POMO #2: