POMO Schedule Announced: $105 Billion In 18 Monetizations Through December 9

The Fed's marching orders to the Primary Dealers are now public: $105 billion in 18 nearly daily operations over the next month. Let the Fed frontrunning begin. Also, still wondering why the 30 Year turned around today: the Fed will buy back today's 30 Year issue (and others) next Friday, and of course someone just got wind of this ahead of the POMO announcement. Lastly, as the Fed no longer wants to be seen as gaming the "Tendered to Submitted" ratio, Brian Sack is actually releasing how much of any given bucket he will buy back, so to telegraph absolutely everything about his Dow 36,000 intentions.  And just in case one POMO a day is not sufficient, on November 29, the Fed will hold two. The second one is footnoted as follows: "This operation is tentatively scheduled to begin around 1:15 PM and close at 2:00 PM." Whatever you do, don't be short on November 29. Which of course means, be short, as nobody will be short.