Portuguese Bank Borrowings From ECB More Than Double In May, Hit All Time Record of €35.8 Billion

Earlier, we pointed out the abysmal results of the most recent 5 Year Portuguese auction, which came in at a whopping 4.657%, nearly 1% higher than the last such auction from just a month ago, which then closed at 3.7%. Alas, the deteriorating funding environment in Portugal is not a fluke - according to the Bank of Portugal, bank borrowings from the ECB surged in the past month, and doubled from €17.7 billion to €35.8 billion in May. As Steven Major from HSBC said, quoted by the FT: "These yields are approaching that magic number of 5 per cent that is likely to be charged by the European stability fund. If the yields keep going up at this rate, then they will be paying much more than 5 per cent next month, which is arguably unsustainable." And confirming the non rose-colored glasses reality was another banker who said: "These yields are not sustainable. Portugal will have to access the emergency stability fund if they continue to rise at this rate." Elsewhere, Greece continue to be bankrupt.

The chart below shows total borrowings from the ECB by Portuguese banks...

And the same, represented as a month over month change.