POT & NYSE Advancing Issues Smoke Up while Everyone Gets High on AAPL

With an out-sized 1/6 weighting within the hearts and minds of its cult-like followers NDX, AAPL's blowout quarter could beget a high-volume melt-up and / or volume climax in the days ahead.  Volume dry-ups for Apple itself have routinely followed through in bull flag breakouts, as seen within the Volume-Tick Oscillator™ shown below.


While POT, NYSE Advancing Issues (UVOL) and European airspace were smoked up yesterday, everyone got high(er) on AAPL.  DARPA got its grapefruit on with an Industry Day for the "Mind's Eye Program" and even 'Hitler is no longer upset about the iPad'.  All's well that sells well, right?  Wonder what Jimmy Cayne was up to in the clubhouse between bridge tournaments? 


AAPL  ~  60-minute

Simple Moving Averages, Volume & Vol.T Oscillator


AAPL 60-min Vol.T


AAPL  ~  weekly

Simple Moving Averages & Vol.T Oscillator


AAPL weekly VolT


DVOL  ~  Daily Volume NYSE Declining Issues

Goldman Sachs crashing for 40 minutes from 10:38 on option expiry spikes Friday's DVOL to highest level since 3.20.09.


highest level since 3.20.09


UVOL  ~  Daily Volume NYSE Advancing Issues

Blue vertical lines mark 4 consecutive failures to pierce through a glass ceiling at 1,000,000; today was number 5.



!Mint™ Market Internals  ~  3-minute



!Mint market
 internals 3-min


!Mint™ Super Advance / Decline  ~  3 - 4 pm

7 Primary US Equity Indexes

Note the Russell 2000's steady climb during the final hour and push into the close.


Super Advance / Decline


!Mint™ Super Advance / Decline  ~  past 2.5 sessions

Index legend identical to snapshot above

NYSE and DJIA are the backbone, NDX and R2k are tip of the spear.


!Mint Super 
Advance / Decline 3 days


Potash (POT)  ~  daily

Fibonacci EMAs & Elite Oscillator



Potash (POT)  ~  daily

Fibozachi Inflection Bands™ (FIBS) & Specta-Trader

Wide channel, trying to remain within upper half of range; dynamite triangle drawn from March peak & 105 approaching 70% prime inflection point.



Potash (POT)  ~  weekly

Simple Moving Averages & Elite Oscillator™ - each underscore powerful coiling / consolidation, fuelling for the next $25 move.

The entire upward retracement has been a sloppy mess of failures-begetting-reflexivity.


POT weekly SMAs
 & EO


Potash (POT)  ~  weekly, 2003 - 2006

Fibozachi Inflection Bands™ (FIBS) & Specta-Trader

Look how smoothly POT trended up, up and away from '03 - '06, bouncing along the green Upper FIB and simply kissing the Midline to cool-off.


POT weekly FIBS 
& Spectra-Trader 2003 - 2006


Potash (POT)  ~  weekly, 2006 - 2009

Same story here from '06 into 2008.5, when folks were running to Costco for rough rice before G-8 Hokkaido in anticipation of global food shortages and hyperinflation;

and inflation peaked that June / July, failing to breakout of a tortuously misleading decade long range.

Along with DRYS, POT was the momo name to play, the trader's nuclear football.


POT weekly FIBS 
& Spectra-Trader, 2006 - 2009


Potash (POT)  ~  monthly

Fibonacci EMAs & Candlestick X-Ray

It is now a fallen angel who must pick itself up off the floor by month's end or risk technical rollover.


monthly Fib EMAs & Candlestick X-Ray


Potash (POT)  ~  monthly

Fibonacci EMAs, confluence of high-low price retracement drawn with real candlestick bodies (far right) and price extension of 'A' to 'C' rally legs (center-right).


 monthly Fib EMAs, retracement / extension confluence


Disclosure: no position in the securities mentioned at the time of writing or publication.  During any given session, we may trade any instrument bi-directionally.


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