Presenting The Baltic Fat Finger Index

The chart below, while obviously a misprint, is certainly quite amusing, and provides a serendipitous look at what may happen once HFTs have bled stocks, options, exchange traded bonds, OTC derivatives, and lastly FX, dry of all adverse selection participation. Perhaps in 5 years all we will have to look forward to are massive self-reinforcing feedback looping, momentum swings, in pretty much anything and everything (alternatively, this "print" is as good an approximation of the true state of the world economy as any, should one eliminate the monetary and fiscal crutches that have propped up the global economy for the past 2+ years). In the meantime, we await to see what the first real BDIY print of the year will be. That said, the one carryover theme from 2010 is that good is good and bad is gooder, so should the BDIY really faceplant by 27% overnight we expect a new all time high in the S&P shortly thereafter.

h/t Sean


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