Presenting The Countries Most Exposed To A Nuclear Backlash

Following the nuclear power plant explosions in Japan over the weekend, the next step once the world gets over its shock, will almost certainly be a worldwide adverse response against any future nuclear developments (explaining the action in shares of Exelon and Areva). It will likely also see countries that have a substantial exposure to nuclear power plants be pressured to migrate to other sources of energy. Below we present a list of the 30 countries that have the largest exposure to nuclear power generation. At the top are Lithuania, France, Slovakia Belgium and Ukraine, all of whom see at least 50% of their energy needs satisfied by nuclear sources. The US is further back, at 20.2% as of 2009 (equivalent to an energy output of roughly 800 TWh). German is at 26.1% while the UK is at 17.9%. It is possible that many of the countries listed below could see social unrest based on concerns of developments comparable to those in Japan, with the respective governments promptly forced to do the old song and dance how nuclear power is the safest available... until the black swan event occurs and it isn't.

PS: we have been advised that the Lithuanian power plant has shut down in the period since the last update by the WNA, which means that the French are on top.

Source: World Nuclear Association



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