Presenting A Dutch Proposal To Stop GoM Oil Spill "Within Days"

The Netherlands has experience with controlling water: 2,000 miles of dykes preventing the sea from flooding the country's nether regions have taught the Dutch a thing or two about hydroisolation and spillover control. Unfortunately, as the last 40 days or so demonstrate so amply, neither the US nor the UK have the faintest clue how to stop the GoM oil spill which is now entering into the realm of the surreal. Which is why it may be time to learn from those who do know something about the matter. Zero Hedge has received the following proposal from Van Den Noort Innovations BV, which asserts it can get the GoM oil spill under control within days, and it doesn't even involve nuking the continental shelf.

From Johann H.R. van den Noort:

Please, be informed that we from our Dutch background water related inventions have found a most effective solution to stop the oil spill in the Mexican Gulf within a few days!

Just yesterday we have publicized this news on the front page of our website, see

For the sake of all people concerned, we would appreciate that you could bring out this news on your website at your earliest convenience as so much time has already been lost. We have tried to reach president Obama but did not succeed on Memorial Day.

We are the first to admit we know nothing about the feasibility or practicality of the attached proposal, which is why we post it here and hopefully those who are experts on the topic can voice in. As the situation is indeed hopeless and getting worse, it may be time to consider every proposal, no matter how far-fetched it sounds.

Stop the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico: