Presenting Heliopolis Presidential Palace

Wonder where the 3 million strong crowd is going? Wonder no more. It is going here (Mapquest link - add 60 minutes for traffic):

Heliopolis Presidential Palace.

The palace is located about 15 miles from Tahrir. We give the crowd 4-5 hours until they reach. Should be there just after dinner time... Time to DVR Jersey Shore.

Also, if anyone is lost, here are directions from Tahrir Square to Heliopolis:

Al Tahrir Sq.
1. Head south on Al Tahrir Sq. toward Al Tahrir
140 m
2. Exit the traffic circle onto Talat Harb Rd
400 m
3. At Talaat Harb Sq., take the 1st exit onto Kasr Al Nile
400 m
4. Turn left at Sharif Basha
180 m
5. Take the 1st right onto Abd Al Khalek Sarwat
450 m
6. Slight left at Nafak Al Azhar
2.8 km
7. Continue onto Salah Salem
800 m
8. Slight left at Kobri Al Fangari
800 m
9. Continue onto Salah Salem
1.3 km
10. Keep left at the fork
550 m
11. Continue onto Salah Salem
3.0 km
12. Slight left at Nafak Al Orouba
650 m
13. Continue onto Al Oroba
400 m
14. Slight left to stay on Al Oroba
300 m
15. Turn right at Abd Al Salam Zaki
300 m
16. Take the 3rd right onto Ezoris
94 m
17. Turn left at Al Thawra
300 m
18. Turn right at Al Sayegh
89 m
19. Take the 1st left onto Al Somal
12 m
Cairo, Egypt