Presenting Laszlo Birinyi's "Teflon 20" Must Short Momo Names

Laszlo Birinyi, best known for his straight line extrapolation method applied to everything, except of course crude which would result in WTI hitting 10 trillion by the time the Hungarian says the S&P would approach 2,854 in three years, has released his list of Teflon Twenty companies that supposedly are immune to any news. Arguably these are the stocks that comply best with the ruler interpolation method of price prediction. These also happen to be the biggest momo names in the world. Once the market crack is confirmed, these are the names that will result in early retirement for those who STFD. On the other hand, it also means we will have many more years of Birinyi, and his attempts at 20+ kHz communication, on Comcast, coming up with totally insane predictions.

h/t Sal Arnuk


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