Primary Dealers Flip 50% Of Another Bond Issued Two Weeks Ago Back To Fed

Yesterday we tried (and failed) to make a big deal of the fact that Primary Dealers flipped 53% of the 7 Year Bond just issued two weeks ago (apparently nobody in charge cares or understands what this means, except for Bill Gross of course), so today we will go for an encore, and courtesy of today's $6.69 billion POMO, point out that the Primary Dealers have now managed to flip 50% of the just issued 5 Year Bond CUSIP: 912828QJ2, which was issued on February 23, and which saw $20 billion allocated to Primary Dealers. Well, on the Pomo from March 2, the Fed monetized $4.9 billion, and today this was followed up with another $5.1 billion. The monetization farce is now moving to every single OTR bond, and nobody in congress dares to ask why or how much money the Primary Dealers are making as a result of this travesty. Which is why going forward we may or may not report on bond auctions that have a Primary Dealer component (so all): in essence with the Fed guaranteeing to buy back half of every Primary Dealer take down, it is no longer an auction. Luckily, there is a 35% SOMA limit on how many bonds the Fed can monetize per CUSIP. Oh wait, that was scrapped as part of QE2. It is now a true Vaseline free for all.

Here is today's POMO summary. Note the highlighted billions in electronic ones and zeroes.



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