The Problem With Competing Views….

Submitted By Yves Lamoureux of Blackmont Capital

US dollar bears should take notice of the great correlation between global liquidity annual change rate and the dollar index.

We view this big drop as a positive development for the dollar.

It is tempting to get on board with talk of the greenback going into freefall. However if taking a look at the graph one can reflect as to the big picture in the making perhaps then you can arrive at a different set of conclusions.

We stand in the deflation camp and have been accumulating long term Treasuries since June .Our behavior is very similar to primary dealers.

The problem with competing views is that the bond market looks out to the medium and long term horizon while stocks today are mostly concerned with the day to day fluctuations.If you were confused , you were not alone. Investors needing to be protected are pushing managers and advisers to invest at all costs if not beware. The fast move up in equities makes you react the same way as when a drop occurs. You behave out of fear. There is no doubt that a bull market of regrets will ensue.

And for an indication of what happens when you see a fear and confusion driven melt up such as the one we are experiencing in equity markets now, compare these two charts:


Yves Lamoureux, Investment Advisor, Blackmont Capital inc

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