"The PunchLine" Has Nothing Funny To Say About The Future Of America

In this relatively quiet night (no major central bank interventions... yet, just one downgrade warning of the United States, Fed "other assets", mostly of the 30 Year Treasury calls variety, at fresh record high), we are delighted to present our readers with the latest edition of Abe Gulkowitz' fabulous newsletter: "The PunchLine" which in our humble opinion succeeds in doing in 18 pages what Kiril Sokoloff's 13-D does in 80 (both being the best 3rd party research one can get about economic developments).  So for everyone curious about what has been happening in the US in the past few months, or what is sure to happen, TPL is your one stop shop for unvarnished information, most typically presented in easy to digest, chart format.

TPL July 12 11


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