Q4 Hedge Fund Hotel Update: Apple Is Now Held By A Record 195 Hedge Funds

The one company that will, without a shadow of a doubt, blow up the entire market should it finally reverse its trend of near exponential growth in recent months, and which has recently started indicating some (very) modest pricing weakness, is now held by more hedge funds than ever before. According to the just released Hedge Fund tracker from Goldman Sachs, Apple is now owned by 195 hedge funds, compared to 190 in Q3 as previously reported, and 181 before that. The world's biggest hedge fund hotel is filled to the brim. These fast money, marginal price determining buyers (and, yes, sellers) now hold 4% of the $332 billion equity cap. And with a solid 12% YTD return in the name, not to mention a negligible 1% short interest of market cap, the time to move on to greener pastures may be approaching. For now, all funds are docile and very well behaved participants in the game theory "don't sell" prisoner's dilemma. Yet with every dollar upside we are getting closer the first imminent defection. And a stock which can crash 10% on the merest hint of the passage of its founder, a stock which in turn accounts for 20% of the Nasdaq, and thus is a driver the ES and the global stock market, means that the continued meltup of the global stock market continues to rest on the shoulders of a sick man. That our regulators allow this is criminal and beyond reproach. But that's ok: it's all because of their prohibitively low budget. After all, how many bangbus subscriptions can $1 billion annual budget really buy?

Stocks held by the largest number of very fast money hedge funds.

We will bring all the important findings from Goldman's latest hedge fund update report shortly.