A Quick Note On Internet Hoax Stories

Typically we don't do this, but since our inbox continues to be flooded with a story posted in EUTimes.net, which unfortunately did exactly zero fact checking and source validation (and is now being distributed by sellside desks!), sourced by famous internet hoax master "Sorcha Faal" aka David Booth, titled "Russia Says IMF Chief Jailed For Discovering All US Gold Is Gone" and which is 100% non-factual and based on a loose scattering of data. A quick google check of the source would have been sufficient for everyone who has been fooled by this complete fabrication, to quickly dismiss it. Alas, with the world now approaching The Onion in factual headline flow, we can see how it is easy for many to have been fooled. We just wish to caution readers to be wary, and always, and that is absolutely true for anything read on Zero Hedge as well, always, to validate and double check the factual veracity of anything read on the Internet, especially if it sound like a B-grade Hollywood thriller and cites "sources."