A Quick Take On The European "Marshall Plan"

From Peter Tchir of TF Market Advisors

So far all the news out of Europe is based on changes to EFSF.  Greece will be able to borrow for 15 years at 3.5%.  French bonds with a 15 year maturity trade at 3.8%.  So the EFSF will have to pay more on its debt than it receives?  Interesting. Have the rating agencies signed up to rate the new EFSF as AAA?  From deals I've worked on, things that always hurt ratings were i) extending maturity, ii) including banks in addition to sovereigns, iii) allowing trading, iv) vague rules as opposed to written rules.  The headlines all indicate the new EFSF has all of these components.  I am sure the agencies have been involved in these discussions, but I remain dubious how happy the market will be to finance the EFSF at rates that are remotely in line with the rates the EFSF plans to provide financing at.   Lots more details likely to come out during the day, but watch for the details.  The headlines sound great, but can they be executed.  I also noticed somewhere that new lending would be collateralized.  If that is true, has anyone asked the borrowers if that makes sense for them?


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