Radio Zero: Jesus Took the Red Pill

...and we bet that was a trip and a half.  Radio Zero returns, ready to act in your preemptive self-defense to fend off the horrors of in-laws and contrived egg hunts.  And really, we know wherefrom we speak.  To wit: ("Gee, great job Suzie.  Who would have thought the egg was hidden in the same flower pot as last year?  No, it is true.  You are a child prodigy.  Yes, of course I mean it.  It takes a special kind of child to stay obese all this time in the face of the massive Adderall doses your mother feeds you out of her own prescription.  Oh, no, don't cry!  It just means there's more of you to love!")

No, I haven't been invited back- so now we can spin for you.  I'll jump on the decks first.  But that means I'm just the opening act.  Our headliner tonight?  Jana von Alpha.  ("Brace for trance impact!")

Dreading the in-laws?  How about chatting up the DJ (and the other Sunrisers) via our new and improved IRC server:  Instructions for the new security protocols here:

Need personalized instruction?  Can do.  Just AIM ("instant messenger) us here: aim:radiozh or (for assistance at the speed of ObamaCare) leave a comment in this thread).

Standard connections on port 6667, SSL encrypted via port 6697

Join us.

1:30(ish) am ET.


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