Ratigan And Sanders "We're An Oligarchy And It's Getting Worse"

Dylan Ratigan and Berney Sanders do a great summary of the various parallel amendment attempts to put some teeth into Dodd's joke of a bill. Ironically, as misguided as it is in most regards, at least Merkel's "reform" showed the kind of conviction that Dodd and his mostly incompetent colleagues will never be able to muster, as they scramble all over each other to collect the scraps that Wall Street has promised them so long as Goldman can generate annual revenues of $60 billion and above. And since our politicians would make the Amsterdam Red Light district blush, you can bet the end results of the Senatorial corruption will be unprecedented, resulting in a bill that achieves the opposite of what it is intended to do: i.e., make banks even stronger and gives the Fed even more power. Which is why any debates about the merits of Merkley-Levin or blah-blah are pointless. The only final arbiter in the reg reform issue will be the market itself, which will resolve everything the second it crashes once and for all. And judging by the size of the carry unwind currently occurring, we may not have to wait long. Which is why we think that Angela Merkel may have brought about the unwinding of the market that will be the one real catalyst to any real reform: after all, for people to express any interest in what is going on in Wall Street's Washington branch, people will have to lose everything... again. As Senator Sanders says, the American people have got to stand up. He is right, however the only thing that will wake America out of its slumber will be one more terminal crash, the one that corrupt and busted finreg reform was supposed to prevent.


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