Ratigan Throws Down The Gauntlet At Goldman Sachs

Dylan Ratigan has issued a direct challenge to Goldman Sachs:

There is a sense that if you make money you are going to give. Making money, however, is different from stealing money. If you steal the money, you are not expected to give it to a charity my friends. If you steal the money we will take the money back from you, by way of the government, and put you in jail. The American taxpayer in fact has given trillions of dollars, billions directly to Goldman Sachs so that Goldman can use the taxpayer subsidy to play a parlor game and pay themselves record bonuses.

What apparently set Dylan off so much, were the hypocritical statements made earlier by Goldman employee Lord Brian Griffiths, at a conference on morality and markets, in which he implored bankers, in addition to saying that inequality helps all, to increase charitable giving to "boost the banking industry's tarnished reputation."

Dylan's proposals on how to effectuate the anti-Goldman movement:

  • Move money to small banks
  • Use cash, not credit cards
  • Contact your lawmakers.

Full clip below:


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