Ratigan's Four Simple Yet Brilliant Proposals On How To Fix The System

This must have been one of those "so simple it would never occur to any politician" epiphanies. Four great points by Dylan Ratigan that should immediately be taken up by pro-reform politicians. If Barney Frank deems these are unenforceable or not worthy of his attention, replace Barney Frank immediately.

Dylan's four (shockingly logical) proposals on how to fix the broken financial system:

  • Inject transparency, primarily to bring almost $500 trillion in swaps to the forefront.
  • Capital to back Wall Street's gambling. It is a guarantee that very few firms will have Goldman's trading pattern each and every quarter.
  • Enact a tax-code to discourage short-term profits. "Fortunes should not be made in minutes but over years through the creation of value to society."
  • Break up the Too Big To Fail banking institutions. Start with Goldman Sachs. Right Now. Christine Varney, we are still looking at you.

Full must watch clip: