Ratio Of Fed Allegiance Between Primary Dealers And Taxpayers: 4:1

Earlier we said: "In advance of the completion of today's POMO we have just one question: will the Fed do its taxpayer fiduciary duty and monetize the cheapest bond (PM6 or the 2.125% of 12/31/2015), which trades 0.7 bps cheap to the sector, or, instead, bend over to Jamie Dimon et al again and instead buy the bond most profitable to flip by the Primary Dealers the just issued QJ2 (2.125% of 2/29/2016), which is actually 0.2 bps rich. Tune in at 11 am to find out." The results are in. As expected, the two bonds monetized the most by the Fed in today's $6.7 billion POMO are QJ2 to the mount of $4,891,000,000 and PM6 for $1,196,000,000. In other words, the Fed's "fiduciary" allegience is to the Primary Dealers over taxpayers in a ratio of 4 to 1. Thank you Sack-Frost for making it all too clear who you really work for.

Full results. Note the highlighted purchases.



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