Recycling Old Girlfriends

Amazing how these fund managers love to chase these 1999 hookers like INTC, all hoping to catch the next 300% gain in the SOX as so many remember from the old days.  No different than calling that old girlfriend 10 years later, expecting her to look and act the same when she was younger.

Old habits die hard, as these Fumble Managers running Fidelity, Putnam, Janus, etc. are all reveling in the days when INTC had stick arms, ample firm breasts, a stomach flat enough to bounce a quarter off of, and was more than willing to partake in various fantasies.  This is what you remember about INTC, the original semiconductor "Supermodel"..

However, after the reunion 10 years later, you are disappointed to find out that she's turned into an old hag, looks good dressed up but you would not want to see her with her clothes off.  And never mind the 10 years worth of new baggage she's carrying around.


Intel sees Q4 revenue of $10.1 bln, Q3 revenue $9.9 bln vs $10.2 bln.

Translation:  Oops, looks like she gained some weight, she doesn't look near as hot as she used to.

Intel Q3 net income 33c vs. 35c

Translation:  Uhh, her breasts have expanded but now they are sagging, bummer....

Intel sees Q4 R&D spending of $2.9 bln

Translation:  More Botox, more facelifts, and more plastic surgery required.


After hours, is she going to look like this???




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