Red Lights Flashing For UK Credit Spreads According To CDS Market

The CDS market, as always, is prophetic to the dot: after main deriskers in the past two weeks were Spain, Portugal and France, so far the spread blow out in these markets has materialized like a Swiss watch. Which is why Ambrose Evans-Pritchard better be looking at this week's DTCC data, because the credit market is flashing a bright red warning light over his favorite bankrupt country - the UK (incidentally, the week's largest net derisker, just after Goldman Sachs). Second in order of sovereign implosion - Ireland. The British Isles, at least according to CDS traders who time after time prove they have far more sense than their equity equivalents, are about to become a hotbed of credit activity, and not in a good way. The other countries that fill out the top 10 deriskers in the prior week: Brazil, Germany (yeah, failed auctions do that), Argentina (yeah, persistent threat of default does that too), Mexico (yeah, living next to a money printing terrorist does that), Ukraine, Korea, Belgium and China.

On the other end, the names with the most net notional reduction indicate that once again, nobody gives a rat's ass about Greece anymore (at least in derivatives... cash wishes it could say the same). Spain led the reriskers. After today's disclosure that the country is just over 20% done with funding its 2010 debt needs, this may change quite fast.  The other countries in the group are irrelevant.

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