Reminder: Saudi's 5 Million Bpd Gwahar Oil Field Is 60 Miles Away From Bahrain

The temporary lull in the Bahrain "peace" is over: Saudi troops have invaded the country, which has prompted the country's opposition to declare the escalation an act of war by Saudi Arabia, and as Reuters reports "Saudi troops who crossed into Bahrain were heading in the direction of Riffa, a Sunni Muslim area that is home to the royal family and a military hospital, witnesses said. They saw 150 armored troop carriers, and about 50 other vehicles including ambulances, water tankers, buses and jeeps. The vehicles were lightly armed and there were no tanks or missile launchers in the procession." All this serves as a reminder that should the violence in Bahrain not be contained, and if there is a "reverse invasion" out of Bahrain into Saudi Arabia, the Ghawar oil field, which supplies more oil than any country except Russia and the US, will likely be the first target of retaliating Bahrainis. 

A just released graphic from Reuters should jog readers' memories.